Penn State Professors Talk Climate Change in Joint Lecture

On Sunday afternoon at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Penn State Professors, Dr. Joel Landry and Dr. Seth Blumsack, delivered their joint lecture, “Climate Change: The Cost of Doing Nothing.” Both professors emphasized that change needs to start with individuals no matter the policy choices made at state and federal levels throughout their presentations.

“We are all going to have to engage in fairly large-scale adaptation,” Blumsack said. “We ought to be thinking about things like our transportation systems and our buildings because the amount of cooperation needed to make those decisions is astounding.”

Landry called people who weren’t participating in these cooperation efforts “free-riders” because they “coast on the efforts of countries.” This lead to a phenomenon called “emissions leakage,” which he explained occurs when “one country reduces emissions, but another country makes no efforts to reduce their emissions, which then essentially cancels the efforts of that first country.”

On the subject of specific policy changes, Landry also said that states have been stepping in to compensate for the lack of federal intervention.

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