Letter: Expert opinions matter

Letter to the Editor by Dan Alters

Two of our children live many miles from where they were raised in northcentral Pennsylvania, relocating when they found work they enjoyed or a person they wanted to share their life. Like many of their generation, they may well move again. It seems this is what humans have done for millennia — moving to make some sort of improvement to their life.

Unfortunately, many people worldwide have been on the move a lot lately due to war, poverty, persecution, famine, or other conditions that have made their home country inhospitable. And I believe this is going to get worse. The planet’s climate is reacting to greenhouse gas emissions in some horrifying ways. Europe, Southern Eurasia and the Arctic are getting much warmer. Arid parts of the world are getting even drier. Some low-lying places like Bangladesh and certain Pacific islands are already threatened with rising seas. Most of these changes were predicted many years ago when scientists — you know, those folks who are truly the experts when it comes to scientific things — began to fully understand that burning fossil fuels added carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and that it created a sort of blanket that kept the heat in.

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