January 2020

Monthly meeting
 The State College chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby will meet on Tuesday, January 21 at 5:30 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at the end of Waupelani Drive in State College.  Please come to learn about our legislative proposal and the progress that is being made on persuading people to act on climate change.  Join other enthusiastic members to plan activities and local campaigns to spread the word.  We welcome your ideas and your contributions to this effort.
 Calling Congress
 If we want our members of Congress to act, we must tell them that we care about climate change and want them to support HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.  Citizens’ Climate Lobby offers you a convenient plan for doing this. 
   Monthly Calling Campaign  — We are looking for 31 people to volunteer for this easy yet powerful way to influence our members of Congress.  You will be assigned a day of the month on which you will call (I was assigned the 16th).  On that day you will receive a reminder with a link to a site with the phone number to call and a script.  When you call the Congressman’s office you will speak to a staffer who will take notes on what you say.  When you are finished, click on “Done Calling.”  That’s it.  You do not need to be an expert on legislation or climate change.  We just need people who care.  Any Congressional office that receives a call from Citizens’ Climate Lobby members every day is bound to take notice. Sign up at  https://cclcalls.org/ .

News of intro session
 On Sunday afternoon, January 12, an enthusiastic group of 16 people gathered to learn about Citizens’ Climate Lobby and to discuss what they could contribute toward stopping climate change.  If you were not able to be with us in January, please be on the lookout for future introductory sessions coming up in the spring.  We would love to have you join us.
 Articles on our website and Facebook
 Citizens’ Climate Lobby regularly writes an OpEd that is published in the Centre Daily Times.  Our members also write letters to the editor that are sent to newspapers in our area.  In addition, we publish contributions from our members on our local website.  You will want to read the inventive piece by Joseph Haloua entitled “A case for supporting a Carbon Fee and Dividend policy.”  We also post all of these articles on our Facebook page, so please check them out there if you are a Facebook afficionado.

Community News:
 Penn State’s Earth and Environmental Systems Institute (EESI) sponsors a series of lectures entitled Earth Talks that are held on Monday afternoons at 4 pm in 112 Walker Building.  This spring the series focuses on “Societal Problems, EESI Science towards Solutions.”  You can read more about the series, including a list of the speakers and their topics, by clicking here.  The first one, scheduled for Monday, Feb. 3, features Prof. Jim Kasting discussing “Global warming, human heat stress, and recommendations for energy/climate policy.”

The Penn State Sustainability Showcase series will be starting up again for the 2020 spring semester with two presentations of interest to people concerned about climate change.   On Friday, Jan. 24 at noon in the HUB building, New York journalist Yessenia Funes will speak on “Envisioning Environmental Justice in the Era of Climate Change.”  On January 31, Carl Jackson of Glidepath Ventures will discuss “Utility Scale Solar.  Speed to Impact Climate Change.”  For a full list of presentations and to reserve your place, click here.
Monthly Meeting times
Tuesday, January 21 at 5:30 pm
Tuesday, February 18 at 5:30 pm
Tuesday, March 17 at 5:30 pm
All monthly meetings take place on the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at the end of Waupelani Drive in State College.
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