When will the ground freeze?

  1-    In the bygone days, one would expect the ground to be solidly frozen by the first of the new year. Well here we are in the fourth week of January and the ground is as friable as if it were July.

       I am well aware of this because once a week I will dig my kitchen waste into the garden soil.This is nothing new but it is certainly the latest that I have seen the ground unfrozen.

        Anyone for outdoor year round gardening?

2-     For a long time, October 3 was considered the average first frost date for our area. But that was then. For the last several years and more that has been getting pushed forward. In fact two or three years ago the first frost was not till the end of October. On average it seems that the first frost is coming about two weeks later than normal.

         I still have spinach growing quite robustly and a perennial that was planted two years ago has thrown up numerous new shoots from its roots.

3-      I have owned two winter coats for the last thirty years and more; one after the other. Sold by L.L. Bean, it is a virtual piece of armor against the vagaries of the winter weather. Clad in heavy leather and a luxurious wool lining, it can take on the worst of any winter artillery our area use to offer.

          It use to be that I would not disturb it from its hibernation till mid to late December as this coat does not take kindly to being used till the temps start getting down in the low 20s. Nowadays, it does not get woken from its slumber till January. In fact I use it so little anymore.

Bruce Christianson 



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