Are citizen lobbyists also poets?

Randy Hudson has come up with a solution to a vexing problem.  Citizens’ Climate Lobby wants you to support the bill we have in Congress, but the bill’s name is awkward and hard to remember:  HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Randy, who volunteers with our State College chapter, is just one of our over 180 thousand members in 5xx chapters around the world who write letters to the editor, table at events, give presentations, sponsor educational events, and, of course, lobby their elected representatives.  Now we can add to that list. Our volunteers also write poems.  

“Why House Bill H.R. 763?”

Charges a fee
That goes from polluters
To you and to me.

It prices the carbon
in oil, gas, and coal,
making clean fuel
our ultimate goal.

Then gives you back money
To spend as you wish,
On clothes or on college
Or a boat to catch fish.

At this point you’re asking
“What’s in it for me?”
Two thousand dollars!

So phone up your
Congressman (Fred or GT),
And say “You must vote for

In duller English, HR 763, would put a steadily rising fee on the carbon dioxide content of fossil fuels as they are produced.  The funds collected would be distributed to American households in the form of a monthly dividend, thus protecting lower-income families from the higher costs associated with this transition to the new energy economy.  This great plan is now celebrated in poetry. Thank you, Randy.

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