Saving the world while sheltering in place

Productive Stuff to Do as We Wait it Out at Home

By Kathy Pollard, MS, Nutrition instructor, co-founder of, and expert on sustainability and food choice. Her upcoming book is Climate Party! Saving the Planet and Your Health One Plate at a Time.

Who could have imagined a global crisis larger than climate change? But here we are! Life as we know it has come to a halt as we hunker down to shelter in place indefinitely, to protect ourselves and tamp down the spread of a virus. Everyone, even those less food- and shelter-secure, must press the pause button and stay put, as well as those who help them. Now what?

How can we contribute to the common good sequestered at home, even if our concern about big issues like climate change, feeding the world, curing disease, and other environmental and humanitarian causes hasn’t evaporated with our day-to-day lives? The good news is that there is much that we can do from our couch and kitchens.

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