Climate Watch: Saving the world while sheltering in place

Who could’ve imagined a global crisis larger than climate change? But here we are sheltering in place to curtail a virus. How can we overcome our biggest challenges even though we’re sequestered at home, like climate change, and other environmental and humanitarian causes challenges that haven’t evaporated along with our day-to-day lives? Good news: there’s much that we can do from our couch and kitchens. Here are some ideas:

1. Work on climate change

The revenue-neutral Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, or H.R.763 allocates fees collected on carbon emissions at the source and distributes them to all Americans. It’ll reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 40% in the first 12 years as it boosts the economy, acutely needed to withstand this pandemic. This one policy can create 2 million jobs, essentially injecting our sinking economy with jet fuel. The government does not keep the money. Dividends are funneled straight into the pockets of American consumers to spend.

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