Climate watch: With support, Pennsylvania’s farmers can deliver climate solutions

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty overtook us. Would the virus spread to our Happy Valley? What did this mean for day-to-day life? Uncertainty showed up at our grocery stores, with panicked neighbors navigating empty shelves to stock up on food; something I’ve never witnessed before.

Though plenty of uncertainty remains, our grocery store shelves are full again, and farmers continue their essential work, though some have struggled. Nationally we’ve seen infection outbreaks and processing disruptions hit, but still, our food supply chain has proven resilient. America’s farmers are the foundation of that supply chain, including growers here in central Pennsylvania. We are so grateful for their work that keeps us fed even during these tumultuous times.

But it is imperative to note that COVID-19 is not the only existential challenge facing our country or our farmers.

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