Time to Act Now on Climate Change

Really, it’s the climate! The most important subject for voters this fall is voting for individuals who understand the factual science of climate change and will vote to do something about it. This is true at all levels.

President Trump has said climate change is a hoax and that “it will get cooler.” Despite mountains and mountains of data going back over a hundred years, he thinks that seasons and weather are climate. Joe Biden knows better.

Rep. Glenn Thompson has told me that “the climate is always changing.” Apparently he is too scientifically ill-informed to realize that the climate is changing faster than ever before.

Apparently Rep. Fred Keller does not think that climate change is an issue worth discussing, at least it is not mentioned on his website. He appears to be another person that does not believe in science.

If you are over 70, climate change may not affect you because you may die before the affects become obvious. In 50 years the climate may change enough that Pennsylvania has droughts and forest fires like California has experienced. Do you want that? Or do you think someone should do something about that?

The time to act is now. If not now, when? The best action that individuals can take to mitigate the effects of climate change is to elect people who believe science and care about the future. The easiest way is to vote a straight Democratic ticket this election.

Eric Boeldt, State College

This article originally appeared in the Centre Daily Times.

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