Renovo Power Plant

In the Oct. 17, 2020 Pennsylvania Bulletin, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced its intention to approve the construction of a 1,240 MW electric power plant that would use natural gas and diesel fuel in Renovo, Pa. (

According to the information provided, yearly emissions from the facility would include up to 5 tons of formaldehyde, 20 tons of total combined hazardous air pollutants, 35 tons of sulfuric acid, 53 tons of sulfur oxides, 102 tons of volatile organic compounds, 212 tons of particulates (soot), 326 tons of carbon monoxide, 355 tons of nitrogen oxides, and 5,438,594 tons of greenhouse gases.

That’s a lot of unhealthy chemicals, soot and greenhouse gases.

Read more at the Lock Haven Express.

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