Time for PA to be Part of the Climate Change Solution

Climate change is undoubtedly a significant environmental issue of our future generations. For too long, Pennsylvania has been a major part of the problem. It’s time to be a part of the solution.

State officials are proposing that Pennsylvania joins the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a program that has dramatically reduced climate pollution in many of our neighboring Northeast states. The public comment period showed that Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly support joining this successful program and Penn State has certainly shown their support too. Pennsylvania joining RGGI will help us curb pollution that is harming our health, environment, and climate while also helping us raise revenue to invest in the clean energy transition.

We need to start protecting our grandchildren and move full steam ahead with joining RGGI. Pennsylvania Senator Corman and Representative Benninghoff do not have stellar environmental lifetime scorecards from the League of Conservation Voters (25% for Corman and 10% for Benninghoff) but they have a chance to stop failing environmentally by voting NO on any bill that would prevent the state from taking this important step, including HB637 and SB119.

Mike Edwards, Bellefonte

This article originally appeared in the Centre Daily Times.

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