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Dear CCL,
What if ….instead of taxing individuals and giving the money to the Fossil Fuel industry, our government did just the opposite? That is the idea behind the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Support for a “cash-back for carbon” approach is not only broad, but also growing. Nationwide we have support from over 3500 economists, 1000 businesses, 144 faith groups, 264 nonprofits and more. Locally, our endorsements are growing, too! Many thanks to our community and CCL chapter members!  Why do we support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act?Net Zero by 2050 Clean, Affordable EnergySaves Lives Puts Money In Your Pocket Join us at our monthly meeting so, together, we can capitalize on the momentum and make sure one of the most effective strategies, pricing carbon, is part of the climate crisis solution.

Monthly Meeting
May 18, 5pm – 6:15pm
News from our chapter

Kathy Pollard secured the endorsement of Webster’s Cafe!

We had several contributions to the Centre Daily Times.
Sylvia Neely wrote an OpEd on April 17:  “On Earth Day this year, remember that individual action is not enough”  
Carl Evensen’s letter “Biden’s Plan Is What We Need”  was published on April 15, 2021
Mike Edwards’ letter, “Time For PA To Be Part Of The Climate Change Solution.” was published on April 16

Sylvia Neely spoke to the Adult Religious Education group at the Friends Meeting of State College – Recording available here

Cathy Cullen led a team of CCL members that met on March 23rd via Zoom with Jeanne Kuehl of Congressman Fred Keller’s office. Other participants included Dick Jones, Ed Cullen, Diane Mills, and Linda Westrick from the State College chapter along with Michele Mitchell from the Susquehanna Valley chapter.

From time to time we post reviews of books related to climate change on our Facebook page.  Mark Neely has reviewed The Ministry for the Future, a recent work of science fiction by novelist Kim Stanley Robinson which is garnering some attention.  You do not need to be a member of Facebook to access this article.  Just click here. 

Lisa Richardson placed an ad in a CBICC email who then shared it on Facebook.
CCL National Events

Catholic Conference-“Call to Action to Care For Our Common Home” 
May 15, 2021- 12pm – 4pm.
Learn more and register here

Make plans to attend the June Conference
“The Push for a Price on Carbon”
June 12, 1pm -5pm
Learn more and register here
Community News

Bicycle month
May is bicycle month and there are many activities related to it.  See the COG page on bicycling:
Don’t forget to vote on May 18
The League of Women Voters webpage has information about voting in the May 18 primary:
 Penn State Energy Days
May 19 & 20

Register Here
Penn State Energy Days is a two-day conference that brings together a variety of professionals working in and with the energy industry, including academia, non-profit organizations, the private sector and government agencies. The keynote speaker is Shalanda Baker, Deputy Director of energy justice in the office of Economic Impact and Diversity. 
Monthly Meeting Times:
May 18th, 5 pm
June 15th, 5 pm
July 20th, 5pm

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