June Newsletter

Instead of our regular monthly meeting, we invite you to something different this month:  a Citizens’ Climate Lobby virtual conference.  
Each year in June and November, Citizens’ Climate Lobby focuses on in-person lobbying with our members of congress. The June lobbying coincides with a free summer climate conference featuring a line-up of great keynote speakers. In particular, if you haven’t heard keynote speakers Adele Morris, economist with the Brookings Institution, and Jerry Taylor of the Niskanen Center, now is your chance!
Additionally, time will be allotted for breakout sessions by state. Pennsylvania will have two breakout groups from which to choose during this time. One group will discuss strategies to leverage Republican support and the other will discuss strategies to gain additional Democratic co-sponsors. The idea is to choose the group that aligns with your member of congress. For the State College area, both Representatives Fred Keller from PA12 and GT Thompson from PA15 are Republican, so we will join with other CCL chapter members across the state who share similar interests and challenges in building support and awareness for a price on carbon.
Rather than using Zoom, this conference will be hosted on a new platform, so check it out during the conference and let us know what you think. 
Our monthly meeting will be different for June. In lieu of our regular meeting, we invite you to attend the conference and then come to the regularly scheduled meeting time for a discussion of the conference and ideas you’d like to pursue as we open up this summer.
June action items:
1.  Learn more and sign up for the June conference: “The Push For a Price On Carbon” 
          Saturday, June 12, 1pm to 5pm, plus optional Sunday seminars

2.  CCL State College- Post-Conference Discussion and Idea Sharing
Tuesday, June 15, 5pm – 6pm

3.  Take 5 minutes to call your Members of Congress. Sign up to get a monthly reminder that includes phone numbers based on your congressional district.
News From our Chapter
–We wish Ed and Cathy Cullen well on their move and thank them for their contributions to the CCL State College Chapter
–Thank you to Michelle Mitchell from Susquehanna Valley Chapter for becoming Liaison to Fred Keller’s Office
–Thank you to Dick Jones for taking on the management of the Monthly Calling Campaign
–Sylvia Neely wrote an OpEd entitled “Why Flooding is Everybody’s Problem” which was published in the Centre Daily Times on May 9
–John Swisher wrote a Letter to the Editor entitled “Climate is Everything” which was published in the Centre Daily Times on May 12.
–CCL asked all its members to email Congress on May 19 to request support for HR 2307, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.  This campaign generated 4,124 emails nationwide. 
–On May 26 CCL held a special action to write to the 51 Senators who have not cosponsored the Growing Climate Solutions Act, S.1251.  Thirteen members of our chapter wrote 34 emails to our Senators during this event.  Thank you all for taking part!!
–The American Federation of Teachers has endorsed the Energy Innovation Act.
Monthly Meeting Times:
Third Tuesday of the month
June 15th, 5 pm
July 20th, 5 pm
August 17th, 5 pm
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