EV charging stations benefit Bellefonte

I’m a representative of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby here in Centre County and proud of my roots in Bellefonte.

I applaud Bellefonte’s forward thinking in developing charging stations for electric vehicles. Strategically placed in downtown areas, these charging stations attract people needing to spend some time to get their vehicles fully charged and back on the road. I drove around to find each one in town, noting how many businesses were so very near to them. There are multiple proposals for charging stations across the country, and I’ve often thought that putting a business, and especially a restaurant, near a charging station would be pure genius.

I reviewed the Bellefonte Borough website and was happy to see charging stations were listed for all their public parking areas. I noticed also that these stations are very close to shopping and restaurants within the borough. The Reynolds Mansion staff noted the charging station near their bed and breakfast gets used nearly every week, and is a perk for staying there. I think it’s awesome that Bellefonte would provide such support for local businesses. I’ve heard rumblings from some politicians that they would remove these charging stations, which have already been installed at taxpayer expense, because the electricity is offered free of charge. Why not simply start charging for the service, as other municipalities currently do?

Thank you again, Bellefonte, keep up this good work, and keep those charging stations in place for the vehicles of the future.

Dan Alters, Bellefonte.

This letter was published in the Centre Daily Times of October 15, 2023.

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