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Listen to the experts on climate change

By Dan Alters I get frustrated by some people’s response to the scientific fact that the world’s climate has been altered by the burning of fossil fuels. Our climate is reacting to greenhouse gas emissions in some horrifying ways, but our Congress does not accept what the vast majority of climatologists have been saying for years — that the earth is warming up and that humans are the cause. Many believe the climate crisis is a political issue. Some citizens vehemently deny that climate change… Read More »Listen to the experts on climate change

Climate Watch: Many businesses now clamoring for a fee on carbon

By Dick Jones “Years from now, we’ll look back on May 2019 as a breakthrough moment, when business engagement in climate policy gathered strength and became an unstoppable movement.” So said Victoria Mills, managing director of the Environmental Defense Fund, in an article she wrote for Greenbiz. What happened in May was that many companies publicly committed to the stance that Citizens’ Climate Lobby has championed since its founding 12 years ago: a price on carbon. And they promised to lobby Congress for it. Who… Read More »Climate Watch: Many businesses now clamoring for a fee on carbon

Bipartisan hope emerging on climate change

By MARK REYNOLDS and DIANE MILLS As impeachment proceedings ratchet up the partisan tension in Washington, there’s still hope that progress can be made on pressing problems of the day. It appears Republicans and Democrats are coming together on one issue that once seemed intractable: Climate change. In the Senate, Republican Mike Braun of Indiana is teaming with Maryland Democrat Chris Coons to form a bipartisan climate solutions group. The Senate group complements the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the House established in 2016. It… Read More »Bipartisan hope emerging on climate change

Solar Energy, Carbon Fee and Nuclear Energy Are Topics for Climate Discussions

by Sylvia Neely and Dick Jones** Recently about 50 people, including local municipal and county officials, toured the solar installation at the University Area Joint Authority which provides wastewater treatment for five municipalities. Cory Miller, UAJA’s executive director, described steps that UAJA is taking to save energy, steps that are expected to create at least $7 million in savings over 30 years. The first phase of this project, consisting of 7,600 solar panels in a field in College Township as well as a 1.5 megawatt… Read More »Solar Energy, Carbon Fee and Nuclear Energy Are Topics for Climate Discussions

Who is my neighbor when it comes to climate change?

by Dick Jones Jesus knew how to tell a story. He understood that none of the people listening to his parable—least of all the lawyer who asked, “Who is my neighbor?”—would have considered a Samaritan fit for that description. That was the whole point. He was showing his audience how to think outside the box. So who is my neighbor when it comes to climate change? To answer that question, I invite you to arrive at an understanding of neighborhood that goes beyond our street address, our… Read More »Who is my neighbor when it comes to climate change?

Climate Change and the Constitution

By Sylvia Neely Climate change is a big problem and it calls for big solutions. No matter how conscientious we may be at reducing our personal greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately we need to find solutions at a national level to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. This effort must be bipartisan, for both practical and ideological reasons. Even if we imagine a victory by Democrats in 2020, giving the party most closely identified with climate change control of the House, Senate, and Presidency, it… Read More »Climate Change and the Constitution


Eric Boeldt Jonathan Brockopp’s piece in the Aug. 4th edition of the CDT concerning the ethics of climate change was very interesting, but did not go far enough. He did not mention an ethical way to solve the problem of human caused global warming. He mentioned that we should each minimize our carbon footprint, but that is, as we know, the bare minimum. He also mentioned helping others rebuild who have been devastated by global warming, but that is not fixing the problem. Helping others… Read More »MAKING A DIFFERENCE WITH CLIMATE CHANGE

Opinion: Bipartisanship needed in the ‘war’ on climate change

By Mark Neely Back in 2009, Stanford engineering professor Mark Z. Jacobson and transportation scientist Mark Delucchi, of the University of California at Davis, laid out “A Plan for a Sustainable Future” in Scientific American. It would get the world to an all wind-water-solar economy by 2030. Later the deadline was moved back to 2050, but what stuck was not so much the details of the engineering plan as the casual estimate of the degree of national effort required. “Society has achieved massive transformations before,”… Read More »Opinion: Bipartisanship needed in the ‘war’ on climate change

Centre Climate: How is national security affected by climate change?

By Dick Jones In January the Pentagon issued an ominous report to Congress on how climate change impacts the armed forces and national security. Two-thirds of 79 “mission-essential” military installations are vulnerable to flooding. Half are exposed to wildfires and mudslides. “The effects of a changing climate are a national security issue with potential impacts to DOD missions, operational plans and installations,” said Defense Department spokesperson Heather Babb in a Bloomberg News story about the report. Recent storm damage to Air Force bases Tyndall in… Read More »Centre Climate: How is national security affected by climate change?

Climate watch: It’s not the Green New Deal or nothing at all

By Dick Jones Our public discourse encourages us to believe that we live in a world of stark binary choices. Red state-blue state, liberal-conservative, capitalist-socialist. Nuance is so 20th century. That’s the case with the attention given to the Green New Deal, the plan championed by New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts senator Ed Markey. While its centerpiece is a stimulus program with incentives to move the United States to 100% renewable energy by 2030, the Green New Deal also contains an “economic bill of rights”… Read More »Climate watch: It’s not the Green New Deal or nothing at all