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Time to Make Our Electric Grid More Reliable

by Lisa Richardson and Mark Reynolds** During a summer of unprecedented weather disasters and climate extremes, a diverse mix of power options protected Americans from blackouts as temperatures soared. NASA named the summer of 2023 as the hottest on record and the World Meteorological Organization confirmed that the past eight years were the warmest on record globally. It’s clear that America’s electric grid is under more pressure than ever. How can it withstand the strain? Right now, our energy system is dominated by fossil fuels.… Read More »Time to Make Our Electric Grid More Reliable


The Fifth National Climate Assessment came out this week and it said that future climate change impacts (extreme storms, flooding, droughts, fires, extreme heat) will depend on the choices we make today. We have serious work to do as individuals, and as a state, to reduce the pollution that is changing the climate. This is not the time to point fingers, this is the time to take action to move toward a common goal, to reduce how much energy we use. This is why Governor… Read More »SHAPIRO MUST GET PA BACK INTO RGGI

November 2023 Newsletter

Please note:  change of monthly meeting date because of Thanksgiving.  Next meeting is on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 5:30.      Last month at our State College CCL meeting an attentive and large group heard about climate initiatives in the Centre Region from Pam Adams, Sustainability Planner for the Council of Governments.  Her description of the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) confirmed that our chapter’s focus on electrification is right in line with that plan and will help them to meet the ambitious goals that they have set. … Read More »November 2023 Newsletter

EV charging stations benefit Bellefonte

I’m a representative of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby here in Centre County and proud of my roots in Bellefonte. I applaud Bellefonte’s forward thinking in developing charging stations for electric vehicles. Strategically placed in downtown areas, these charging stations attract people needing to spend some time to get their vehicles fully charged and back on the road. I drove around to find each one in town, noting how many businesses were so very near to them. There are multiple proposals for charging stations across the… Read More »EV charging stations benefit Bellefonte

October 2023 Newsletter

Dear CCL member, Are you ready to be a catalyst for change in the Centre Region by inspiring others to electrify their homes and businesses? You can keep our momentum going in three ways.—First, Centre County businesses, churches, and nonprofits that own their buildings can get a free solar feasibility study conducted by the nonprofit PA Solar Center. They help organizations work through the decision-making process. If you know an organization interested in “kicking the tires,” please share this opportunity. The deadline to express interest in this free… Read More »October 2023 Newsletter

Make Community Solar Legal in Pennsylvania

**by Richard W. Jones This OpEd appeared in the Centre Daily Times on Oct. 8, 2023 I have friends and acquaintances who have solar panels on the roofs of their houses. They love it. Their electric bills are zero or almost that. Their houses increase in value. It’s a great deal. But not everyone can do what they’ve done. What if you live in an apartment building? What if you rent a house? What if you’re a homeowner who can’t afford the upfront cost to… Read More »Make Community Solar Legal in Pennsylvania

September 2023 Newsletter

     If you are looking for ways to become involved in climate action, this month’s newsletter is for you.  Be sure to read the many entries below under “Community News.”       We are excited to announce our own chapter’s new initiative on local electrification.  A lively discussion at our August 15 monthly meeting elicited a wide array of possibilities for action.  The meeting concluded in a vote that chose electrification as our chapter’s focus for this coming year.  I hope you will join us at our monthly meeting… Read More »September 2023 Newsletter

August Newsletter

It’s time to up our game      July was the hottest month in recorded history.  But it is not likely to keep that distinction for very long.  The El Niño phenomenon is just beginning and will become more potent so that the summer of 2024 is probably going to be even hotter than this one.      You are on this mailing list because you care about climate change and are committed to climate action.  Scientists predicted that the world would get hotter, but even they are surprised to see… Read More »August Newsletter

July Newsletter

Dear State College CCL folks,     It’s July in State College and that means two things- The Festival of the Arts and a CCL Social!     In lieu of the July 18th chapter meeting, we are asking for your help to volunteer at the CCL table during the Festival of the Arts. It’s a great way to engage others to be part of the solution and to get involved in climate change efforts.      And, on Wednesday, July 19th from 5 pm to 7 pm… Read More »July Newsletter

June 2023 Newsletter

Dear State College CCL folks, Are you having trouble keeping up with all the climate related news?  Do you want to know more about recent legislation and the benefits available for electrification and energy efficiency?  Do you work for a business or belong to a nonprofit that would like to save money on energy?  CCL can help.  See below for  –a June 8 presentation geared to businesses and nonprofits. Tell your friends and neighbors about this opportunity–our monthly meeting where we will learn more about CCL’s… Read More »June 2023 Newsletter